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Are you willing to assess and improve your skills and competences?
Are you considering a professional change?
Join our professional individual and group coaching program!

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  • A professional development program combining individual and group coaching. 

  • A method built to stimulate your creativity and give you the self-confidence you need to materialize your professional project.

  • A learning and testing safe space open to all (employees, entrepreneurs, artists, ... ), united by the common purpose of succeeding professionally.

Start discussing your project with a professional coach for free

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Participants share their experience ...

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Find out more, with no obligation to go further:


You get in touch

Send us an email, or fill out the contact form. We will call you back within 48 working hours.


We explore together

You talk about your yourself, we talk about our program, and we explore together what makes sense for your future.


You decide

Interested ? You decide after a free session of one hour with the KAGAMI coach if your needs match our program and you want to go further. 

For French residents, KAGAMI is eligible for financing through your personal training account (CPF).

Participants' feedbacks

“In full development of a new professional activity, I found myself at a fateful moment in my professional project: making essential choices. I asked myself many questions: What do I want to do? How to proceed? What do I need? What are my resources? What means to deploy to achieve this?   The KAGAMI method has helped me to know myself better, to deepen my professional project and to make conscious choices to move forward. The collective is the strength of this method. »

Andrea P, employee of a large company, has chosen to work part-time to develop her entrepreneurial project

“I was lost in my professional choices. Kagami allowed me to flatten my skills, and even to discover them, and to gain a lot of self-confidence. Group work had a propellant effect on me. The mirror effect of the group is clearly effective. As we forged ties, as we searched for ideas together, the group helped me resolve my doubts. What is great in this method is both working on our skills and at the same time working deeply on our values, missions, who we are... I highly recommend Kagami to those who wish to find their professional path. ! »

Anne H, independent real estate adviser who regained confidence in her abilities and clarified her professional choices

“Kagami is an arena that tested my resolve and commitment. It helped me reconnect with my soul and purpose, a pivotal step in finding out who I am. »

Alexandru Constantinescu,
employee of a large company who has chosen to live and work abroad,
Romanian KAGAMI group

“I am very grateful to you for guiding me in this process, dense and with a lot of resistance on my part. … It was very difficult for me to put on paper some of what I have done so far.

Thank you for seeking and recognizing what I needed to bring to light. You have given me more than all the therapies, retreats, friends and consultants I have known taken together. I have immense gratitude and confidence in you! Thanks with joy. »

Elena Sulea, musician developing an offer of therapeutic services,
Romanian KAGAMI group

"For me, Kagami was a fascinating journey. A journey of knowledge, discovery and evaluation of who and what I am now, of who and what I want to be and manifest from now on in harmony with my abilities and my inner being, of accumulating and putting into practice a valuable set of information and resources that resulted in a complex professional project and an action plan that motivates and excites me.
  The group supported, helped and guided me throughout the program."

Ecaterina H, actress starting a personal development practice, 
Romania KAGAMI group

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