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Jerome Berrard



Consultant and coach after having been a senior executive in large multinationals in France, Europe and Asia, I bring to KAGAMI participants my experience, my sincere interest and my deep curiosity for their careers, their words, their values, their aspirations, their wounds and their strengths.
I have graduated from SciencesPo Paris, and from the Executive Coaching program of HEC Paris in organizational coaching. I work on the dynamic dimension of groups which generates strong links between members using NLP coaching techniques, for which I am a certified practitioner, to create a framework favorable to letting go, trusting and gaining autonomy.
For the past 4 years, I have accompanied groups of leaders and non-executive professionals. With KAGAMI, I do what I love doing: allowing people to write an exciting page of their professional project thanks to the strength of the group and the power of the method.


Lavinia Borcia



Chartered accountant specializing in listed and unlisted investments, contributing to the financing of the real economy has always been my driving force. Then, through my experiences, meetings, travels, exchanges, I opened myself to the contributions of the human sciences, personal well-being and professional training, in areas such as mentoring and coaching. I have a double corporate culture: large multinationals and entrepreneurial structures, in parallel with many artistic activities. 
My professional experience with groups is supplemented by theater, support groups and systemic coaching. My core beliefs are: collaborating helps the whole work through mutual aid and support; putting oneself at the service of others releases audacity, creation, potential; the collective gives a huge boost to the individuals; and the power of the group is not the sum of the power of the individuals but their infinite multiplication. 
Since October 2021, I have accompanied international KAGAMI groups, in Romanian and English. 

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Julia Hily

Kagami Coach


International trade graduate, I spent 17 years in the production and import of goods from Asia and Europe. During this time, I acquired a taste for human relations and different cultures. I know the importance of interpersonal communication in succeeding in business, in releasing one's potential and one's creativity in the service of a collective project.
Certified practitioner in NLP (neurolinguistic programming), I am also trained in IOS (solution-oriented interventions).
My training and my personal and professional experiences have given me a taste and a passion to transmit, to support people in their development, to help them draw on their resources to achieve their goals, to remove the barriers and beliefs that – too often – limit their potential.
Accompanying KAGAMI groups, I can fully exercise this mission in the service of the professional training of the participants.

photo Eric.png

Éric Wurmser

Kagami Coach


I am a professional coach trained at the IFPNL, certified RNCP, master-practitioner in NLP and certified practitioner in Solution-Oriented Interventions. I particularly like leading groups and supporting individuals.
I help KAGAMI participants to take a step back from their situation, become aware of all their strengths and skills, define and achieve their goals while respecting their values and an assumed choice of work-life balance.
I particularly appreciate the richness of the KAGAMI program which I lead with great pleasure: the richness of the exchanges within the group, that of the life paths of the participants and the robust structure of the method.
I use my professional experience of 27 years in the industry as an engineer, manager and entrepreneur, of 10 years as a teacher and of 3 years as a coach.

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Nathalie Dahman

Kagami Coach


Trained as a social worker and certified as a professional coach and NLP practitioner by the Institut Repère, I have always been keen to support people. This has alwars been the red thread of my career.
My experience in supporting people, whether social, commercial or in the context of training, has allowed me to understand that the most important thing to move forward is one's desire and willingness.
Listening, kindness and respect for others are my driving forces to help KAGAMI participants grow. My empathy allows me to understand and recognize the emotions of others and thus react appropriately. I am always enthusiastic about the idea of ​​accompanying others towards their goal and above all towards their achieving it.
As a former KAGAMI participant, I experienced the strength that the group brings to individuals and I will put all my energy into making you fully live this great adventure, thus allowing you to build your professional project.

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