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The Kagami Principles

  1. Commitment: we are willing to work on our project and implement all the actions necessary to deploy it; we undertake to support the projects of our peers as if they were our own; we participate actively and voluntarily in the functioning of the group

  2. Self-discipline: we are committed to being present, assiduous, conscientious and persevering; we are responsible for our advancement to ourselves and to the rest of the group

  3. Trust: we interact with kindness, with concern for others, creating a safe space within the group, where everyone can express themselves freely, without shame, without fear of other people's opinions 

  4. Humility: we don't give advice, we don't lecture; instead, we share our own experience in similar situations, highlighting what we have done to make it work for us, bringing up ideas, possibilities, potentialities; we place principles before personalities and egos 

  5. Integrity: we take into account feedback from others, whether negative or positive; we are kind and constructive with others, we accept their feelings and thoughts, even if we do not share them, we do not try to change them, we want to help and encourage them, not break them; we express ourselves exclusively talking about ourselves (saying only "I feel that, I think that") and refraining from passing judgment on others (never saying "you are like this, you are like that")

  6. Confidentiality: our exchanges within the group, as our belonging to the group, are strictly anonymous

  7. Solidarity: we have a primary common objective – mutual aid; we are driven by a common desire for transformation

  8. Courage: we face our fears and take action 

  9. Autonomy: we are responsible for the course of our group and its evolution after the end of the program 

The Kagami Philosophy

We believe in the strength of the group and the creative power of diversity. We believe that all forms of diversity are important, that they should all be welcomed, accepted and valued, including differences in age, gender, nationality, culture, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation. We strive to bring people with different backgrounds, personalities, skills, experiences, beliefs and values together as one group. We believe that diversity of viewpoints leads to richer thoughts, greater creativity and open-mindedness, and a more favorable environment for personal and professional development. We call this communion of universes which opens up the field of possibilities “cross-fertilization”.
We believe that by coming together, by forming a support group, all driven by the common desire to "do good", we create a virtuous circle where we each give and receive, mirroring each other: KAGAMI. We learn to put ourselves at the service of others, but also to accept help from others – and ask for it when we need it, without fear that it will be refused. We believe that our individual advancement depends on the advancement of others and that we need to support each other.
We believe that showing ourselves as we are, fragile and imperfect, is the basis of our future personal and professional development. 
We believe that getting out of isolation, fear and immobility is a prerequisite for success and that through the creation of our group, we are no longer alone.
We believe that KAGAMI is the beginning of an unlimited human adventure. 

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